E-Poster Registration

Instruction for Authors & Submission Guildelines

Preparation of Abstracts (Video/Poster)


The size of the abstract is limited to 3000 characters. This includes title and body of abstract.


The title should clearly define the topic and contain no abbreviations.


List the primary author's full name, followed by the other authors' names. Spell out completely the names of all authors using full first name, middle initial and last name. (Maintain consistency in authors’ names on multiple abstracts to avoid duplication in the Author Index.)

Presenting Author

Principal investigators responsible for research and development are permitted to present as long as they resolve their COI and as long as they are not employees of the commercial interest. In all printed publications, the presenting author will be denoted with an asterisk(*).

Body of Abstract

The abstract should be informative and detailed.

The body must contain 4 separate paragraphs:

a) Introduction b) Methods c)ResuIts and d) Conclusions

Standard abbreviations may be used as follows: on first use spell out the full term and follow with the abbreviation in parentheses. No tables/figures

Conflict of Interest and Disclosure Statement

All authors must disclose conflicts of interest. The electronic submission process will not allow abstracts to be submitted without this information being completed for each author listed on the abstract.

Submission Site

Please send your abstracts (for video and / or e-poster) on www.uroonco2017.com or email on urooncoconference2017@gmaiI.com


Deadline for submitting the video is on or well before 30th June 2017. Videos and abstracts submitted after this date will not be considered or will be automatically rejected. It is important that the overall quality of videos be as high as possible and this must be assured at the submission stage. All submitted videos will be reviewed initially for audio/visual clarity and quality. All video not resubmitted by the submission deadline and any videos rejected for quality reasons are excluded from further consideration and review, regardless of the quality of the content.

Preparation & Submission of E-Posters


All contents of the poster should be placed on this single slide shown in the template

Please use default Times New Roman font, with font size 12 for filling up the text in the template

The exact time of your e-poster presentation when you will be required to be present besides the poster will be intimated separately

All the e-poster entries will be sent to panel of experts for screening and selection. Three posters will be selected for prize presentation. The remaining e-posters will be displayed on the e-poster station for continuous screening

Deadline for e-poster Submission Deadline for submitting the e-poster is on or well before 30/06/2017. e-posters submitted after this date will not be considered & will be automatically rejected.

The e-posters prepared as per the format should be mailed to urooncoconference2017@gmaiI.com.

Note: In addition to your data please share your contact and Institutional details while sending mail.

Point of contact for any scientific query-

Dr.Makarand Khochikar
Organising Secretary
+91 9822052731